Administrative Council

J.M. Cairo, Ph.D, Dean of School of Allied Health Professions

Erin Dugan, Ph.D, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Joseph Lassalle III, Assistant Dean for Fiscal Affairs

Andrew Pellett, Ph.D, Department Head of Cardiopulmonary Science

Mitzi Glover, Ph.D, Department Head of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Annette Hurley-Larmeu, Ph.D, Interim Department Head of Communication Disorders

Philip Wilson, Ph.D, Director of Human Development Center

Kelly Alig, Ph.D, Department Head of Occupational Therapy

Jane Eason, Ph.D, Department Head of Physical Therapy

Debra Munsell, Ph.D, Program Director of Physician Assistant Program

Yudialys Delgado Cazanas, B.S. Director of Student Affairs

Rachel Chappell, MHS, PA-C, Elected Member, Faculty Assembly