Transition from Registry Credential to Bachelor of Science

Applicants who hold a registry credential in either respiratory therapy (RRT), adult echocardiography (RDCS or RCS), or vascular technology (RVT or RVS) and wish to attain a Bachelor of Science in Cardiopulmonary Science may complete the associated track and be exempted from courses that are directly related to the held credential.  A minimum of 25% of the total credits earned for the degree Bachelor of Science in Cardiopulmonary Science must be earned from LSU.  Factoring in only the credits earned at LSUHSC requires a minimum of 34 credits of coursework to be taken here.  Required coursework must be completed in not more than four years.

Required RRT to B.S. Track

Cardiopulmonary Human Gross Anatomy (CPSC 3130) 5 credits
Cardiopulmonary Physiology (CPSC 3220) 3 credits
Patient Assessment (CPSC 3270) 3 credits
Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology (CPSC 3280) 3 credits
Principles of Cardiac Electrophysiology (CPSC 3290) 3 credits
Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology (CPSC 3210) 2 credits
Medical Ethics (CPSC 3360) 1 credit
Health Care Management (CPSC 4205) 1 credit
Respiratory Seminar (CPSC 4245) 1 credit
Senior Thesis (CPSC 4222) 2 credits
Polysomnography (CPSC 4310) 4 credits
Respiratory Clinics V (CPSC 4320) 4 credits
Elective* 2 credits

*Electives offered:

Advanced Pulmonary Pathophysiology (CPSC 3370)
Geriatric Respiratory Care (CPSC 4115)