SAHP Faculty Assembly Resolution 04-01

Commendation of Performance of Jimmy Cairo, Ph.D. as Interim Dean

Adopted October 11, 2004


Be it Resolved, that the LSUHSC SAHP Faculty Assembly strongly commends the performance of Jimmy Cairo, Ph.D. while he has served as Interim Dean for the SAHP. 

While serving as Interim Dean, Dr. Cairo has improved the morale, communication, and collegiality of faculty and staff within the SAHP through the following actions:

  • Embraced the Faculty Assembly as a contributing body to the future direction of the school.  As a result, an atmosphere of good will and effective communication was promoted between faculty and administration.
  • Enhanced the effectiveness of school committees by providing frequent guidance and/or monetary support for committee initiatives.
  • Implemented monthly Academic Affairs Luncheons with invited guest speakers to discuss topics pertinent to faculty within the SAHP.
  • Implemented routine Staff Development Conferences to improve the communication and participation of the staff within their departments as well as within the SAHP.
  • Implemented a new format for the Dean’s Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds.
  • Improved communication within the SAHP by implementing an “open door” policy, as well as frequently visiting faculty and staff within the various departments to share ideas and solicit feedback.
  • Re-instituted the pre-commencement Dean’s Reception.
  • Increased the visibility of the SAHP within LSUHSC and the community.
  • Successfully advocated for a salary increase for the SAHP faculty in 2004. 
  • Implemented salary increases for faculty members who recently completed a doctoral degree.