• Distance Learning is described as education which takes place between the instructor and the learner when they are not in direct contact, eg., the instructor is in one city and the learner is in another, but information and communication transfer synchronously or asynchronous through a computer network.
  • For the distance seminars, the morning speakers present from LSUHSC in New Orleans and the afternoon speakers present from LSUHSC in Shreveport. The New Orleans participants are live in the morning but distance in the afternoon and the Shreveport participants are the opposite. Broadcasts to all the other cities are considered entirely distance since the audience will hear and observe the seminar all day on a tv monitor or a projection screen. If you want to ask the speaker a question, there is a piece of equipment with a button that must be activated for you to be heard by the speaker.
  • A facilitator at each site will hand out the sign-in sheets for each seminar. Certificates of attendance are sent out to the participants later from LSUHSC in New Orleans and the number of credit hours issued is based on the number of seminars attended as validated by the sign-in sheets. You need to make sure your name and address are legible so the certificates can be filled out correctly.
  • Registration is required for distance since seating is limited. Handouts are no longer provided for any of the seminars. They can be downloaded and printed out a few days before the seminar.
  • Distance learning sites for Spring 2020 - TBD
  • Click here for the Distance Learning Registration Form - Please register at least one week in advance so we can send the correct number of sign-in sheets and evaluation forms to the distance site.