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Play Therapy Educational Series

The LSUHSC Child & Family Counseling Clinic offers a play therapy educational series to those students and professionals seeking to become a Registered Play Therapist.  The series offers 150 live in person educational hours (50 non-contact), under the instruction of 2 Registered Play Therapy Supervisors.  The series will be offered over 2 years to those applicants approved for the series.  This program is divided over 3 phases mirroring the Association for Play Therapy's updated 2020 requirements (  The 3 phases include topics such as: play therapy history, play therapy seminal theories, play therapy skills, play therapy special topics, and 15 hours of applicant's choice - allowing you to specialize in areas of your interest.

This series will provide registrants with educational hour only. No direct patient services nor supervision are included in this educational series. It is highly recommended that registrants currently have a population to provide direct play therapy services to as well as a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor who is providing direct supervision while accruing educational hours.

The LSUHSC PT Series is designed for you to join during phases 1 or 2.  Drs. Dugan and Vaughn can assist you in designing an individualized plan to ensure you receive the necessary components to complete your RPT educational training.

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If you are interested in discussing supervision from either Dr. Dugan or Dr. Vaughn, a separate meeting should be scheduled. Please email us for further information

The series will be limited to 40 participants.


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2 Year Play Therapy Educational Series


January 2023 - December 2024

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