Orthopedics: persons with persistent neuromusculoskeletal pain and disability from injuries related to the spine and extremities, deconditioning, sports injuries, arthritic and other degenerative changes as well as post-operative patients.

• Manual interventions to reduce pain based on current outcomes research and basic neuroscience, including advanced soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques
• Movement/exercise therapies from an evidence-based perspective aimed at improving movement efficiency and quality, and then progressing to re-conditioning based on sound, science-based strength and conditioning principles
• Incorporation of a holistic approach to care of each individual that accounts for the full complexity of the pain experience- instead of “no pain, no gain” we emphasize “know pain, know gain”
• Strong emphasis on patient self-empowerment and personal accountability- we will work with you, not on you
• Utilization of valid and reliable diagnostic clinical tests and outcomes tools

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vestibular diagnoses treated include, but are not limited to, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), vestibular neuritis, labyrnthitis, unilateral and bilateral vestibular hypofunction, age-related decline in vestibular function, post-concussive dizziness, Ménière’s disease, migraine associated dizziness, and dizziness after stroke or brain injury.

• Advanced assessment and treatments for vestibular disorders from a physical therapist certified in both vestibular rehabilitation and neurology by the American Physical Therapy Association
• Posturography assessment utilizing state-of-the-art Neurocom System
• Canalith repositioning maneuvers for BPPV
• Oculomotor exercises
• Balance exercises/motion desensitization

Additional Services: custom foot orthotics fabrication, gait assessment with Gait Rite electronic walkway, Biodex System 3 isokinetic testing, work conditioning