As defined in the School’s Faculty Assembly Bylaws, the charge to the Committee is:

1) To develop and recommend academic/admissions policies and procedures for the undergraduate and graduate professional education programs of the School including comprehensive procedures for student redress, review existing/new individual program academic policies and procedures for consistency with School standards, and establish and maintain reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities.

2) To maintain current records of departmental curricula, coordinate curriculum changes in all departments via a review of new and revised course proposals and review of new program proposals, consult with departments regarding curricula design, promote communication among departments regarding curriculum issues and current trends within and across disciplines, and to serve as a liaison with the Health Sciences Center Curriculum Committee.

3) To complete an inventory on all SAHP courses, and further, to develop a proposal for Interdisciplinary courses.



Erin Dugan, Chair    

Sylvia Davis

Kelly Alig

Patsy Jarreau

Mitzi Glover

Annette Hurley

Debra Munsell

Kirk Nelson

Andy Pellett

Krystal Vaughn

John Zamjahn

Jerald James
(Liaison to LSUHSC IPE Committee)