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About Us

The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans is home to the first approved Au.D. program in Louisiana.

1. The Au.D. Program is a four year program that includes an externship year.

2. The faculty is comprised of an outstanding group of audiology clinicians and clinician-investigators.

3. The audiology doctorate program is part of the Department of Communication Disorders. The department is housed within the School of Allied Health Professions and includes state of the art audiology clinics, classrooms, and research laboratories.

4. A wide variety of clinical settings and placements are available within close proximity to the campus. Graduate students will receive hands-on training in all areas of the field.

5. The facility is located in one of the most exciting cities in the U.S., and is in the heart of the medical district. As such, we are able to offer a variety of off-site clinical experiences.

6. The employment rate for our graduates is 100%. The first cohort of Doctor of Audiology students completed their degree in the spring of 2008.

7. Being part of a major medical center situated in a large metropolitan area offers students unique opportunities and exposure to a wide variety of patients and procedures that they may not have direct access to in other settings. Students in the program have access to the following:

Patients of all ages: birth to geriatric
Neonatal Hearing Screens
Hearing Aids
FM and Assistive Listening
Cochlear Implants
Aural rehabilitation
Tinnitus Management
Electrophysiological Evaluation,
including early (ABR), middle, and late potentials
Posturography/balance testing
Intraoperative Monitoring
Topographic Brain Mapping
Otoacoustic Emissions
(Central) Auditory Processing Disorders