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The Doctor of Audiology Program at LSUHSC promotes a commitment to academic success and clinical proficiency. We empower our students to become skilled audiologists, ready to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. We achieve this level of excellence through our anatomy and physiology lab experience, interdisciplinary trainings, research opportunities, and student outreach. Our students have the opportunity for community engagement including and clinical rotations at major medical centers.

The LSUHSC Audiology on-campus clinic provides an environment for our graduate students to work with our faculty to provide exemplary care to our diverse patient population. We offer a vast array of evidence-based services for all age ranges.  The clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic evaluations including pediatric testing. We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers and using verification measures to ensure quality fittings.   LSUHSC Audiology works with cochlear implant patients in pre- and postoperative assessment, programming and troubleshooting, and in rehabilitation and counseling for all cochlear implant brands. We have on-site electrophysiology and vestibular equipment for students to get hands-on advanced testing. We also offer central auditory processing assessments. Our clinic also provides an opportunity to complete research to test and provide the most current methods of audiological care.

The faculty have diverse interests and expertise in all areas of audiology and are dedicated to best practice in clinic as well as teaching it in the classroom. We encourage our students to think scientifically about diagnosis and treatment in Audiology and to focus on problem-solving strategies. Classes are small in size, and the social and professional scene is both friendly and a foundation for professional networking following graduation.

The New Orleans metropolitan area offers many cultural and historical events throughout the year. Our educational program coupled with our geographical location makes this training program unique.


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