Alexandra Nordman - Rho Chi Chapter President of Chi Sigma Iota


I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in May of 2021. My areas of interest include child and adolescents, play therapy, grief, crisis intervention, non-profit work, ecotherapy, and research. After receiving my master’s degree from LSU Health, I would like to work towards a career providing play therapy to bereaved children and adolescents. My long-term aspiration as a counselor is to create and direct a non-profit counseling organization that caters to grieving children and their families. I will complete practicum and internship at the LSU Health Child and Family Counseling Clinic providing individual and group play therapy to children.

During my time at UL, I became passionate about philanthropic work and research. I reestablished and ran a student run organization called Ragin Rescue, a non-profit that cared for feral cats that lived on campus and offered volunteering opportunities at local animal shelters. Using my organizational skills and creative thinking, I organized and executed very successful fundraisers, social activities, volunteer opportunities, and educational events for members. During my time as president of Ragin Rescue, I developed a team of 7 board members that assisted in running the organization, raised over $5,000 for our organization, and grew the organization from 0 members to over 200 active members in only a few semesters. I really enjoyed being president of Ragin Rescue and enacting change in the community, I feel that together we could do the same for Chi Sigma Iota- Rho Chi chapter. Being president of Chi Sigma Iota- Rho Chi means a lot to me and I hope to foster an environment where all members’ voice and opinions can be heard. I see our Chi Sigma Iota-Rho Chi as a collaborative chapter that we can make our own, opening doors to a plethora of experiences such as volunteer opportunities, educational events tailored to our interests, and social gatherings to bring us together as a program. I am extremely honored and grateful to serve as president for our chapter.