Physician Assistant Program



Tuition & Fees

The official tuition and fees website for LSUHSC-NO is maintained by the office of the Registrar.

The Legislature of the State of Louisiana is responsible for setting the tuition rates for all public institutions of higher learning. The legislature meets annually.

The tuition rates for all programs are reported for one year only, due to the possibility of tuition rate changes on an annual basis.

To obtain an estimated total cost of tuition, the applicant may add the tuition for 3 Spring semesters, 2 Summer and 2 Fall semesters, which would equal the 29 month duration of the program.

For Example: Tuition and Fees (if not amended by the Legislature) for a student starting the program in January of 2016 with graduation in May of 2018 would be (approximately):

Resident: $22,271.50 + $22,271.50 + $8,903.20 = $53,446.20 (est)

Nonresident: $44,117.50 + $44,117.50 + $17,641.80 = $105,876.80 (est)

Additional expenses are listed below.

Additional Required Fees and Expenses*

Graduation Fee $50
Physical examination course equipment $1000
Required Books and Recommended Books $2320
Patient Tracking System $80
Background Check $60
Laptop Computer** $1300-1500
Uniforms $200
Anatomy Lab $50
Suture Lab Supplies $75
White Coats/patches/name tag $90
AAPA Dues $75
LAPA Dues $25
NCCPA PANCE (National Entry Level Board Exam) $425
Louisiana State Licensing Fees (Initial) $250
Parking $75

*Additional required fees and expenses are estimated and are subject to change. Students are required to show proof of and maintain health insurance coverage for the entire length of the program.



All incoming first year students in the Physician Assistant Program must possess a laptop computer as part of the required equipment needed for classes. Computer-based learning materials and exams are part of the curriculum. Students are NOT required to purchase a laptop through the School of Allied Health Professions.