School of Allied Health Professions

Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Information for Preceptors

The LSUHSC-NO PA Program is welcoming physicians interested in becoming clinical training mentors for future PAs. The program provides inpatient and outpatient experiences in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Women's Health, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Behavioral Medicine during the 12 month clinical portion of training. Rotations in other medical and surgical specialties will be considered for one of the elective or preceptorship rotations.

The didactic portion of the program (17 months) is designed in the medical model and is a condensed version of the first two years of traditional medical education. The student begins the clinical portion of the program with a level of knowledge comparable to a beginning third year medical student. The Program will provide evidence of PLI, health and immunization status, medical insurance and background check, HIPPA training and instruction in pharmacology.

Your strong support of the LSUHSC-NO PA Program will provide and exceptional learning experience for students. Clinical preceptors play a vital role in the transition from the class room education to bedside application of skills.

To learn more about participating as a clinical preceptor in the LSUHSC-NO PA Program, the application form and the benefits to you as a clinician, please contact:

Brittany Booth, DMSc, PA-C
LSUHSC-NO PA Interim Department Head of the Physician Assistant Program