School of Allied Health Professions

Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What degree is awarded by the LSUHSC-NO MPAS Program?

How many students are accepted?

Do you have a distance learning option for the Program?

May I enroll in the LSUHSC-NO MPAS Program on a part-time basis?

If I am accepted into the program, when do classes begin?

Can I work while I am in the PA Program?

Can I transfer into the program and/or transfer credits?

If accepted in the LSUHSC-NO MPAS program, can I select any of my own rotations during my clinical year?

If I am accepted into the Physician Assistant Program, may I defer my acceptance to the following year?


I already have a bachelor's or master's degree. Do I still need to complete all the prerequisites?

Do you accept transfer credits or advanced standing?

What is considered direct patient care experience?

How is the Cumulative Grade Point Average calculated? How is it calculated for repeated courses?

What does it mean, “Pre-requisite courses must be for science majors.”

Does the program give preference to any major?

Can I substitute other classes for the ones published as prerequisites (e.g. organic chemistry for general chemistry)?

Do I need to have completed all of the prerequisite courses before I apply?

What upper level biology courses will meet the pre-requisite requirement?

Do I need a lab with all the classes that have labs listed as a requirement?

Do I have to take my prerequisite courses in the LSU System?

Do you have counseling regarding pre-requisite courses?

Application Questions

Must I apply through CASPA?

Is a supplemental application required?

Will being an alternate one year mean I have an advantage in the application pool the following year?

Tuition, Financial Aid and Housing

Is there on-campus housing?

Is there financial aid available?

How much does it cost to attend the LSUHSC-NO MPAS Program?