School of Allied Health Professions

Department of Cardiopulmonary Science

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Cardiopulmonary Science is on a competitive basis. Satisfactory completion of the minimum requirements identified below is required.
Completion of not less than sixty (60) hours, or its equivalent, of acceptable credit prior to the date of registration. Applicants may be enrolled in final prerequisite courses at the time of application submission.

Satisfactory completion of listed prerequisite courses (as part of the 60 semester credits specified), or their equivalent, based upon the Department faculty's acceptance of equivalency. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) for all prerequisite courses.

The applicant is advised to visit one or more facilities that employ respiratory therapists and cardiovascular technologists to talk with the specialists and to gain knowledge of the field.

 Students who hold baccalaureate degrees may earn a second bachelor's degree in cardiopulmonary science provided they: (a) complete all requirements (including subject requirements) for the second degree; and (b) meet all quality point and grade requirements applicable to the second degree.

The Department's programs in respiratory therapy and cardiac sonography do NOT offer advanced placement.  Prior education or work experience in respiratory therapy or cardiovascular sonography will NOT be accepted in lieu of required coursework UNLESS the applicant has attained a REGISTRY credential in respiratory therapy, adult echocardiography, or vascular technology.  Applicants who have previously earned one of these credentials will only be exempted from didactic and clinical courses directly related to the earned credential.

Prerequisite Courses (subject to revision)

Semester Hours
English Composition 6
Humanities* 9
Chemistry (General and Laboratory) 8
Mathematics (Algebra and Trigonometry) 6
Biology (General and Laboratory) 8
Human Physiology** 3
Science Elective*** 3
Psychology (General) 3
Physics (General and Laboratory) 4
Microbiology (Introductory and Laboratory) 4
Art Elective**** 3
Sociology 3
Subtotal 60

*Humanities recommended: English, Technical Writing, Advanced Composition, or Foreign Language

**If Human Physiology is not offered, Human Anatomy & Physiology may be substituted

***Science Electives recommended: Human Anatomy, Organic Chemistry, or Embryology

****Art Electives recommended: Music, Art, Dance, or Theater

Accepted Prerequisite Courses from Louisiana Universities and Colleges


Accepted Prerequisite Courses from Out-of-State Universities and Colleges

If a prospective student is attending a university outside of Louisiana, we can create a course list for their particular college upon request.