LSUHSC-NO Physician Assistant Program


How to become a more competitive applicant...

  • Develop strong critical thinking skills
    • Critical thinking is the use of reasoning, evaluation, analysis, decision making and problem solving in the approach to medical decision making
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the US healthcare delivery system and the role PAs play in providing healthcare
  • In addition to required courses, take additional rigorous, upper level science courses and earn high level marks in them
  • Take and excel in a medical terminology course
  • Develop excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Learn all that you can about the Physician Assistant profession. This includes the history of the profession, origin of the profession and the philosophy of the profession
  • Review our website and become familiar with LSUHSC-New Orleans Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program, its Vision and Mission
  • Learn a second language or become more proficient in your current second language
  • Take additional courses in the biological sciences, behavioral and social sciences
  • Acquire hands-on health care experience in excess of the requirements
  • Develop concrete examples of your motivation for becoming a PA
  • Shadow as many clinically practicing PAs as possible to insure you are suited to the demands of this demanding profession

Please read the Admissions Guidelines handbook concerning the Application Process and the FAQ section on the website for more tips!