School of Allied Health Professions

Department of Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

SHOULD I TAKE MORE SCIENCE COURSES THAN THOSE REQUIRED? Additional science courses would be beneficial to you if you do get accepted into the program. They would increase your knowledge of science and prepare you for the rigorous course level of the physical therapy curriculum.

WHAT TYPE OF DEGREE DO I NEED TO APPLY? You are required to have a baccalaureate degree in any field of study as long as you satisfactorily complete the prerequisites.

HOW MANY APPLICANTS WERE THERE THIS YEAR? Approximately 300. HOW MANY STUDENTS ARE ACCEPTED? We accept a maximum of 35.  Preference is given to Louisiana residents.

WHAT IS THE ALTERNATE LIST? When the class is selected, an alternate group of applicants is also selected. Applicants from this list may be called upon to fill a vacancy if a selected applicant decides not to accept a position in the class.

I DIDN'T GET ACCEPTED LAST YEAR. MAY I MEET WITH A FACULTY MEMBER TO DISCUSS MY APPLICATION? We recommend, if you have questions, to attend one of the Informational Sessions.

DO YOU HAVE COUNSELING REGARDING PREREQUISITE COURSES? If you are not sure about prerequisite courses, check the Admission Requirements above. These are the official requirements and may differ from what you might be told. The Informational Sessions are used to answer any questions potential applicants have regarding the physical therapy program including prerequisite course questions. These Sessions are also used to explain the application process and answer any other questions the potential applicant might have. The Informational Sessions are held on the second to last Friday of April, May, June, July, and August. If you are unable to attend an Informational Session and have questions regarding prerequisite courses that were not answered by reading the Admissions Requirements, you may call or email the Physical Therapy Department for clarification.  The email address is

DO I HAVE TO GET MY DEGREE FROM A UNIVERSITY IN THE LSU SYSTEM? No, you can obtain a degree and take prerequisite courses at any accredited college or university in the United States.

WILL LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION ENHANCE MY CHANCE OF ADMISSION? Letters of recommendation are discouraged. The Admissions Committee receives enough information about applicants from the verification of experience forms and the PTCAS reference forms, which are completed by the physical therapist(s) who supervise(s) the applicant during the observation/volunteer experience.

WHY DO YOU REQUIRE VOLUNTEER HOURS? We feel the applicant needs to spend time volunteering/observing in a physical therapy clinical setting to help assure the applicant that physical therapy is the proper career choice. Also, feedback from supervisors of volunteers assists the Admissions Committee in determining an applicant's potential for success.

HOW MANY VOLUNTEER HOURS DO I NEED? A minimum of 60 hours.

WHAT TYPE OF SETTING IS BEST TO OBTAIN VOLUNTEER HOURS? We require the applicant to volunteer/observe in a physical therapy setting supervised by a licensed physical therapist.  There is no preferred setting to obtain the hours.

CAN I ATTEND THE PROGRAM ON A PART TIME BASIS? No. The courses are sequenced around a three year full time schedule. No mechanism exists for students to attend part time.

WILL I BE ABLE TO WORK WHILE IN SCHOOL? Due to the heavy class load and study schedule, we do not recommend that you work while in the program. Students have a difficult time scheduling their lives around study, class, and family without having to include a work schedule. Some students have been able to work part time on weekends on an "as needed" basis, however we do not recommend this.