Noelle G. Moreau, Ph.D., P.T.
Associate Professor
Phone: (504) 568-4291
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Moreau attended Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport, LA, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1996. She practiced as a physical therapist in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings, including four years as the lead physical therapist of the Motion Analysis Laboratory at Shriners Hospital for Children in Shreveport, LA, before pursuing her doctoral degree. Dr. Moreau completed her PhD in 2007 in Biomechanics from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Dr. Moreau then completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, Program in Movement Science, in 2007-2008.  In the fall of 2008, Dr. Moreau joined the faculty at the Medical University of South Carolina as an Assistant Professor. She joined the faculty at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in fall of 2012 in the Department of Physical Therapy. 

Dr. Moreau’s area of research involves the investigation of the neuromuscular mechanisms underlying abnormal force production in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy and the development of effective rehabilitation strategies to address these impairments and improve activity and participation. She has presented her research at over 20 national conferences and has been the primary author on several publications in these areas as well as an invited speaker on the use of ultrasound imaging in assessing muscle structural changes after intervention in cerebral palsy (see Curriculum Vitae). Dr. Moreau’s research has been funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Thrasher Research Fund, Pedal-with-Pete Foundation, American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and the Section on Pediatrics of the APTA. Currently, Dr. Moreau is principal investigator in a NIH/NICHD sponsored-study (R21HD077186) as part of a joint collaboration with Seattle Children’s Hospital to investigate the effectiveness of a novel treadmill training protocol in children with cerebral palsy. In addition, Dr. Moreau has clinical expertise in 3D, computerized analysis of running and gait, muscle performance testing, and musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging. Her primary teaching responsibilities include the analysis of human locomotion (Movement Science II) and portions of the Evidence Based Practice series, in addition to guest lectures in Motor Behavior and Diagnosis and Management of Neuromuscular Disorders. 

Dr. Moreau utilizes dedicated lab space within the Department of Physical Therapy. Labs feature an ultrasound machine (GE Logiq e) used to measure in vivo muscle architecture and a Biodex Pro System dynamometer for muscle performance assessments. In addition, muscle activity can be recorded from 10 muscles simultaneously using a 10-channel EMG system (Motion Lab Systems), enabling real-time display of muscle activity. A customized treadmill (Woodway) and motion capture systems (Vicon and Sports Motion) are available for running and gait analysis. Functional and exercise equipment, such as a Total Gym and circuit training equipment are also available.