School of Allied Health Professions




The charge to the Committee is:

1) To make recommendations designed to enhance student interaction with the School, provide guidance for student affairs and facilitate student recruitment.

2) To increase participation in various career related fairs at college/universities.

3) To sponsor an Allied Health Day event hosting High School Counselor group.

4) To develop a student ambassador program.

5) To develop relationship with Director of Information services.

6) To produce videos for Programs.

7) To make program names evident in light pole advertisement.

8) To do something different..

9) To create tables to represent all programs.

10) To develop and maintain updated brochures and collateral materials.

11) To support and urge Dean in efforts to acquire development director and recruiter.

12) To consider student ambassadors and scholarships.


Mark Blanchard, Co-chair

Michelle Zitzmann, Co-chair

Erica Cardosi

Samoa Hempfling

Holly Walters

Brittney Wright

John Zamjahn